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〔AIIB 日本不参加〕◆ ≪AIIBへ参加しなかった日米「新冷戦同盟」は、「無駄な破壊的なものであり、おそらくは悲劇的な愚劣である」≫ / 世界的な経済誌、「フォーブス」のジャパン・ウォッチャー、ステファン・ハーナー氏が「衰弱ジャパン(Whither Japan)」コラムで批判

◎ Abe To Tout U.S.-Japan Alliance In D.C. While Xi Expounds On A 'Common Asian Destiny' At Boao(アベ首相がワシントンへ出向き、日米同盟を持ち上げようとする中、中国の習主席は海南島のボアオ・アジア・フォーラムで、「アジアにおける共通する運命」を語った)
 (3月31日付け)⇒ http://www.forbes.com/sites/stephenharner/2015/03/31/abe-to-tout-u-s-japan-alliance-in-d-c-while-xi-expounds-a-common-asian-destiny-at-boao/

 ・ We have today, March 31, occasion to observe the dysfunction—indeed irrationality—of the U.S.-Japan alliance at work.

 ・ The WWII/Cold War U.S.-Japan military alliance, linked to U.S. alliances with South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand and potentially Vietnam, as a permanent New Cold War China-containment order in Asia dressed up in “rebalance to Asia” rhetoric is neither necessary nor sustainable.  It is wasteful, destructive, possibly tragic folly.

 At Boao, Xi Jinping described a vision and a plan for building an Asian “community for common destiny.”  This hopeful, inspiring vision is what Asia needs now.

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