« 〔TPP〕◆ ワシントンで20日、ファースト・トラック抗議デモ 「これは多国籍企業によるクーデターだ」「この国の未来を売り渡すな」 | トップページ | 〔TPP〕◆  安倍首相 訪米前決着に失敗! 「手土産なし」でワシントンへ 「アベの挫折」とブルームバーグが報道 ★ 安倍首相としては、お土産は「集団自衛権行使=米軍用犬化」だけで十分だと思っているのかも知れない?……ワシントンでの冷淡な米側対応に慌て、「最高責任者の独断」で、米側のTPP要求をのんでしまうかも知れない! »


〔イスラム国の反乱〕◆ スンニ派の拠点、アンバール州のラマディで戦闘激化 / 米国がイランに支援されたシーア派民兵を排除 スンニ派との宗派対立のエスカレートを恐れる / バグダッドへ避難民の群れ / 米当局者、ラマディが「イスラム国」の手に落ちる可能性を警告!

 ◎ ニューヨーク・タイムズ : Humanitarian Crisis Grows as Iraqis Flee ISIS Threat
 (17日付け)⇒ http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/18/world/middleeast/as-iraqis-flee-anbar-province-and-isis-questions-persist-on-role-of-shiite-militias.html?mabReward=CTM&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&region=CColumn&module=Recommendation&src=rechp&WT.nav=RecEngine&_r=0

 ・ In Anbar, the government’s struggles also raise anew the question that has become a difficult one for American military planners advising the Iraqi government and coordinating an intensified campaign of coalition airstrikes: What role, if any, should Shiite militias, backed by Iran, play in the fight for the Sunni heartland of Anbar?

 The militias, which played an important role in the recent victory in Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s hometown, have been absent, for the most part, from the fighting in Anbar. This is partly because of demands by American officials, who worry that the presence of militias, despite their fighting prowess, could raise sectarian tensions in Sunni-dominated Anbar.

 ・ American officials have warned that the city could fall, and have played down the strategic significance of Ramadi to the efforts of the American-led coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Iraqi government officials and security officers say the situation in the city is critical, with constant fighting, but are confident that it can be defended.


★〔新刊案内〕◆ パトリック・コバーン著、『イスラム国の反乱 ISISと新スンニ革命』(緑風出版)

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