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〔ENEニュース〕 フクイチ被曝住宅の80% 依然、死の灰まみれ! 

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 ◎ ソースはNHK国際放送(4日 削除済み)→ https://www.nhk.or.jp/daily/english/20121204_14.html

  More than 80% of homes remain contaminated
  Source: NHK
  Date: Dec. 4, 2012

  More than 80% of homes remain contaminated

 Radioactive decontamination following last year’s nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant has not been completed at more than 80 percent of homes.

 Japan’s environment ministry studied the progress of government-funded removal of radioactive substances being undertaken by 58 cities, towns and villages in 7 prefectures around Fukushima as of the end of August.

 [...] among nearly 100,000 homes slated for removal of radioactive substances, the process was finished at only about 17,000 or 18 percent of them. [...]

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