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〔EXSKF〕【記録】6・15 大プロテスト ロイター通信 ちゃんと「1万人」と英文記事で報道!/グリーンピースの「野田首相 専門家の安全へのアドバイスなどを無視して強行」声明も紹介!/しかし、日本語記事では6・15プロテストへの言及なし

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 As many as 10,000 demonstrators gathered outside Noda's office on Friday night amid a heavy police presence to denounce the restarts, urging the premier to step down and shouting "Lives matter more than the economy."

 "Prime Minister Noda's rushed, dangerous approval of the Ohi nuclear power plant restart ignores expert safety advice and public outcry, and needlessly risks the health of Japan's environment, its people and its economy," environmental group Greenpeace said in a statement.

◎ ロイター Japan approves two reactor restarts, more seen ahead
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