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〔ENEニュース〕★★★ 4号機プールに2つの破局シナリオ ◆ 冷却水喪失――900度で引火 大量の放射性物質を大気中に放出 注水、逆効果の恐れ ◆ 倒壊で核燃料 地上に散乱 致死線量で近づけず 破滅的な惨事になる恐れ 原子力の専門家が警告

 Nuclear consultant examines No. 4 spent fuel pool scenarios: Loss of Water vs. attering of Fuel Rods
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 グリーンピース・ドイツと米国FOE(地球の友)の原子力問題コンサルタントのショーン・バーニー(Shaun Burnie)は23日、「アジア・パシフィック・ジャーナル」に掲載された記事の中で、「4号機プール」の破局シナリオについて、以下のように指摘し、警告した。






 In the event of further severe damage to the spent fuel pool in Unit 4 what are TEPCO’s options?

 Water spraying and the use of materials such as boron and sand would appear the most relevant. The risk is that, with water spraying on Fukushima Daiichi unit 4 following a loss of the cooling water and even collapse of the building, this could make the situation worse – if the spent fuel rods have gone beyond 900 degrees then the water will provide further oxidation helping to release more radionuclides into the atmosphere. The zircalloy fuel cladding around the thousands of fuel rods at Fukushima Daiichi ignites at 900 degrees and above – fuel melting as seen in the cores of units 1, 2 and 3 occurs at 2800 degrees.

 Other important factors include the possibility that the pool collapses and the spent fuel rods are scattered on the ground with the result that the complexity of dealing with the problem is magnified. Emergency worker access to these rods may be impossible as they will be emitting lethal levels of gamma radiation. Remote access through the use of robots may not be feasible given the radiation levels. The rods will continue to release radiation until they are secured under water – but without access to the rods and the use of a crane this would not be possible – so a prolonged nuclear release over days and weeks would be potentially catastrophic for Japan.

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