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〔★ NRCフクイチ議事録〕 沖合展開の米空母「ロナルド・レーガン」のヘリ搭乗員、「日本の旗艦」に着艦し、靴底を放射能汚染 10000マイクロキューリー/cm2 /自衛艦か? 懸念される 「日本の旗艦」乗組員の洋上被曝

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 これは米国のネット・メディア「ENFORMABLE」が引用した議事録テキストに明記されていたものだが、「ロナルド・レーガン」のヘリ乗員はともかく、福島80キロ沖に展開していた、おそらくは海自の護衛艦(あるいは海保の巡視船)とみられる「日本の旗艦(a Japanese flag ship )」が、放射能に汚染されていた事実は見逃せない。




 MR. MUELLER: The shoes were from helicopter crews that flew to a Japanese flag ship that is 50 miles closer to the power plant at sea, so it’s about — it’s about half way so it’s 50 miles from land as well, and it was near the center line of the plume.

And when they flew back to Ronald Reagan, the contamination was found on the shoes of the people that had gotten off and back onto the helo from the Japanese ship.

MR. PONEMAN: And that was also of a level 30 times what you expected or was there a different ratio?

MR. MUELLER: Oh, this is — we use — we have — we would expect nothing and got — it’s about five times our minimum detectable for frisking.

MR. PONEMAN: And what is that measured in?

MR. MUELLER: That’s in — it’s — so it’s about — it’s 10,000 micro-microcuries per 100 square centimeters, or per frisk.

MR. PONEMAN: Does that measure out in something in terms of rems or millirems?

MR. MUELLER: No, that’s — because this is contamination level.

MR. PONEMAN: And 10,000 microcuries per

MR. MUELLER: square centimeters.

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