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〔ENEニュース〕 ガレキ広域処理 細野環境相 ほぼ連日 大広告会社を呼んでPR戦略を協議

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 3日付のデイリー・ヨミウリの記事(→ http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/national/T120302005492.htm )によると、細野環境大臣は大広告会社の社員をほぼ連日、オフィスに呼んで、ガレキの広域処理問題について、国民にアピールする戦略を話し合って来た――という。

 ◎ なるほど、あの「絆」がどうの、という迫り方は、広告会社の入れ知恵だったわけか?


 [...] The Environment Ministry has not actively explained in detail about debris from quake-hit areas because it did not want to agitate residents who oppose accepting the debris. [...]

 However, public fears of radiation were more serious and stronger than ministry officials expected.

 Environment Minister Goshi Hosono has become increasingly frustrated with the slow progress ahead of the first anniversary of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Hosono has called employees of large advertising agencies to his office almost every day to discuss strategy to appeal to the public directly. [...]

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