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〔無責任ニュース〕 野田首相 「フクシマ 誰にも責任なし」 痛みの分かち合いを 「国民総責任」論を表明 AFPが全世界に速報

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 No individual can be held responsible for the nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima, Japan's prime minister said Saturday, insisting everyone has to "share the pain".

 この無責任体質よ! 国民総被曝・総除染・総負担!


 ① 第一義的な事故責任はもちろん東電にある

 ② しかし、政府も東電も学界も安全神話に深く浸っていた。結果としてて言えることはこれだ。

 ③ 個人を責めるのではなく、誰もが責任の痛みを分かち合い、この教訓を学ぶべきだと思う。


◇ AFP報道

 A week ahead of the anniversary of the disaster, the premier swatted away a question over criminal responsibility for the meltdowns that forced tens of thousands of people from their homes and polluted the land and sea.

 "Of course, the primary responsibility under Japanese law rests with the operator" of the stricken plant, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), Noda said.

 "But the government as well as operators and academia were steeped too deeply in the safety myth and I think that is what we can conclude.

 "Rather than blaming any individual person I believe everyone has to share the pain of responsibility and learn this lesson."

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