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〔NRCフクイチ議事録〕 3・20 米海軍の副提督 東京の南で 毎時150ミリレムの甲状腺被曝と報告/ 日本人住民も当然ながら甲状腺被曝!)

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◎ 東京の南に住む日本国民もまた、甲状腺被曝をしていたわけである!

 ……They took some samples, and the sample is in microcuries per milliliter, and they say that’s the equivalent of 150 millirem per hour.

 MALE PARTICIPANT: Did you mention some Navy Admiral?

 JOHN MONNINGER: Admiral Thomas. The information is from 11:30 a.m. out here, which is approximately an hour and a half ago.……

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